Where can I take easy piano lessons?

I want to learn piano, but I’m fairly new at playing any music and need something that will be easy to learn. No one in my family has played an instrument before, so they won’t be able to help me much. Where can I take easy piano lessons?

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  • MPro

    If you are looking for internet resources that can teach you how to play the piano, then visit http://www.musiceducationexpress.com or http://www.pianolessonscourse.com that offer printable piano lessons for students including beginners. Go lesson by lesson at your own pace. Hope that will help.

  • govicseo

    Check out your local adult high school as well as a nearby junior college for group piano lessons. Normally, the fee a series of group piano lessons is very affordable. Then look for a used weighted keyboard which you can practice on. If you really get the hang of playing with both hands and become addicted to practicing, then look into renting, on a monthly basis, an upright grand piano, not a spinet, so you can truly enjoy the sound and fullness of a piano. And finally, to obtain a private piano instructor, place an ad at a nearby 4-year unversity student bulletin board, wanting to exchange private piano lessons for tutoring by you of any special skills that you have, i.e., English language, writing, gardening, mechanical repairs, etc.

    Good luck!

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