Piano Lessons – Learning the Basic Chords Lesson 5

www.easypiano.com Easy Piano Lessons that focus on learning to play the four basic chords in music. Piano Lessons: Learning the basic chords – Lesson 5 will teach you how to apply the four basic piano chords using what you have learned so far. You will learn how to play a bass line in your left hand. You will also learn how to put the hands together in a very simple tune. Piano lesson 5 will also teach you how to number the chords in a music key using Roman Numerals for simplicity. Piano lesson 5 teaches you to number the chords by learning the Major scale and numbering each tone in the Major scale. These piano lessons are kept easy and move at a pace that makes learning them simple. www.easypiano.com

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Learn Piano With Rocket Piano

Get the popular onlline piano lessons course from Rocket Piano With video instruction from teacher Ruth Searle, you can easily learn the fundamentals of music notation and learn how to play the piano. Click on the link for more details. Rocket Piano piano

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