Teach Yourself Piano – Where Can I Learn Piano Online?

Can I learn piano online from a real musician? I live in an area where there are more guitar tutors than piano tutors. Which is why I need a good online resource to learn the piano so I don’t have to abandon my interests for the lack of a mentor.

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  • Music♫Man

    There is actually a online musician that will give you more help than one of your local teachers would. He will also teach you popular piano music and fulfill yor requests of any song you want to learn after many basic lessons.

    the URL is webpianoteacher.com and the instructor’s name is Shawn Cheek. he is also on youtube for free with a username: shawncheekeasy if you don’t want to pay the small fee.

  • Gatlin

    Given that you’re looking for a piano teacher because there isn’t one locally, it does make sense to seek online help rather than abandoning your talent. Kudos to that!

    I’d suggest looking at Amazon for DVDs on playing the piano and complement it with plenty of practise. Everything takes consistency to move to the next level. Once you’ve picked up the basics you can look out for evening courses at a community college to boost your skills.

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