Piano Music Speaks To Everyone

No matter what genre you are into, the piano can help you enjoy, understand and create great music. For a couple of hundred years now, piano music has played an essential role in the development of Western music. Most of the great classical composers as well as many modern popular artists have given this amazing instrument a place of honour in their creative work.

If you ask somebody which instrument they wish they could play, piano would be at the top of most people’s list. And that should surprise nobody. Its versatility is so great that it speaks to every generation and practically every sort of music lover. When you play the piano, you can make beautiful music on your own; you can accompany yourself or somebody else; or you can be part of almost any sort of orchestra, band or ensemble.

Because the piano is able to play several voices at the same time, it has always been an excellent tool to understand and learn about music in general, as well as getting to know a lot of repertoire that wasn’t conceived as piano music in the first place. Before the time of inventions like the radio or the gramophone, the piano was in fact almost the only way to experience complex music on a regular basis. People used to get hold of piano arrangements (often for four hands) of works like the Beethoven symphonies, and just sit down to study and play them together.

Even today, the music stores are filled not only with original piano music but with piano arrangements of all kinds of music from other genres. And because of the fact that so many songs and melodies – regardless of genre – were first conceived and tried out at the piano, these arrangements often sound great and give you a real sense of getting into the music.

So, the main conclusion I would like you to draw from this article is that whatever your specific musical interests, getting to know the piano better is never a bad idea. If you make an effort to master this instrument, it will give you great pleasure as well as a great advantage in your musical endeavors.

David Warn is a pianist and writer for pianostreet.com, where you can find a lot of further advice and information about piano playing, as well as a large library of classical piano sheet music for both beginners and advanced players. Read more at: http://www.pianostreet.com/

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